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Find US Suppliers data to know more about top exporters in United States
05.07.2017 15:18

According to a recent survey held in May 2016, three computer industries, two petroleum industries and two automotive brands rule the list of top 10 suppliers of United States. These industries were added in this list based on asset values, sales and profitability.

Some biggest companies which help United States to expand their importation business are Exxon Mobil (Texas), Apple (California), Chevron (California), Ford Motor (Michigan), General Motors (Michigan), Pfizer (New York), Johnson & Johnson (New Jersey), Procter & Gamble (Ohio), Cisco Systems (California) and Intel (California).

In last year, US exported the goods worth of $167.1 billion to different parts of the world. It exports almost everything from civilian aircraft to “hair and waste materials”. It is very easy to find US Suppliers data with the help of internet. It is the most authentic and reliable source of updated export data.

Recently, a major export growth rate has been seen in the energy sector, some metals (gold and copper) and agricultural items (eggs and dairy, nuts, soybeans) also have experienced quite growth.

Here is a list of products United States exports to different parts of the world-

  • Capital goods, except automotive- 34%

  • Industrial suppliers and materials- 31%

  • Consumer goods- 12%

  • Automotive vehicles, parts, and engines- 10%

  • Food, feeds and beverages- 5%

  • Other goods- 4%

Find US supplier data to get categorized information of all the products US exported to all the different nations around the globe along with the tariffs, transportation charges and all the taxes applicable on all the goods in the international market. The significance of the US data of export for cross border is very high because this data is considered the very authentic source to examine market trends and demand of various goods in international market according to customer’s taste and preference.


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