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Indian Harmonized Code System: The ITC-HS Code List
20.03.2017 14:43

The most commonly used term in the language and sphere of international trade, the HS Codes stands for harmonized system codes and are used as a nomenclature for classifying and organizing all the products traded in the international market. These codes are used internationally by more than 299 countries around the globe. This method of categorical division of products is to be followed by all the nations these codes being the international nomenclature. These codes are six digits code but it’s not mandatory for all the nations to use these codes as it is. All the countries are free to modify these codes by adding additional two or four digits to the initial six digits. 

The ITC-HS Codes better known as the Indian HS Code list is trade classification based on the harmonized system (HS) of coding was adopted in India for export import operations. An eight digit ITC-HS Code is used by Indian customs to suit the national trade requirements. The Indian trade classification (ITC) is a unique numerical code given to all the commodities which are traded in the international market. Allotting HS Codes to all the products is mandatory. The ITC-HS code list is divided into 21 sections which are:

•    Animals & Animal Products
•    Vegetable Products
•    Animal Or Vegetable Fats
•    Prepared Foodstuffs
•    Mineral Products
•    Chemical Products
•    Plastics & Rubber
•    Hides & Skins
•    Wood & Wood Products
•    Wood Pulp Products
•    Textiles & Textile Articles
•    Footwear, Headgear
•    Articles Of Stone, Plaster, Cement, Asbestos
•    Pearls, Precious Or Semi-Precious Stones, Metals
•    Base Metals & Articles Thereof
•    Machinery & Mechanical Appliances
•    Transportation Equipment
•    Instruments - Measuring, Musical
•    Arms & Ammunition
•    Miscellaneous
•    Works Of Art

These sections are further divided into 98 chapters which are further divided into sub headings under which the HS Codes are mentioned. Changes, formulation and addition of new codes id carried out by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade.

If you are looking the Indian HS Code list it is very easy to find it online on the various websites which provide these codes. Finding data on import export is extremely easy by using HS codes and these are available online on websites like


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