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Kolkata Export Data – Take Your Business beyond the Boundaries
20.02.2017 16:11

Kolkata is a popular city of joy is a maze of Victorian monuments, Bengali gastronomies, Indian bazaars, and a rich culture that normally classify the place. If you are new in business and desirable to explore the Kolkata export data, here is good news for you. Website like Info Seair is readily offering best information on Kolkata export data. You can collect the data in order to give your business a new ray of hope.

Kolkata is famous for:

Terracotta Products

Acknowledged far and wide for its terracotta items, Kolkata is particularly renowned for the 'Bankura horses and elephants' that are created in Bankura. It is known as the first attempts of man at clay modelling and has been faultless with time to create these beauteous caricatures. There is a huge demand of Terracotta Products in the global market.


A distinctive look for Bengali women is always beautified in white saris having red borders, normally called as the Lal Paar Sari. These saris are normally worn during traditional and even religious events. Moreover, Kolkata is also famous for its silk material, specifically the Tussar and Vishnupuri Silk. These fabrics have a slight sheen and smooth feel and are striking to drape. Tant Cotton Saree or Bangladesh’s famous Dhakai sari is also in high demand in worldwide market.

Jute Craft Products

Started from jute handbags, jute jewelery, footwear and wall hangings, there is huge demand of jute craft products. Being a place that is famed for its jute produce, West Bengal assures for the finest of choices in this sector. When checking the Kolkata Expert Data, you will find huge demand of jute craft products.

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