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What are the top Exports of India that Represents Trade Balance Surplus? Examine by Export Data in I
04.10.2017 16:05
In 2016, India sold/shipped US $261 Billion Dollars’ worth of products around the world and hold the top 16th position in the list of top exporting country in the world. Since 2009, Indian export business has been enhanced by approximately 47%. There are thousands of items that India shipped to rest of the countries including China, Mexico, Russia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, United Kingdom, United States and many more. According to the last year’s export data in India, the top 10 exports of India is accounted for around 59%.
Export Data in India
Here are top Indian exports that represent net exports and trade balance surplus. India has increased the export rates of these top 10 commodities-
Top Indian exports (Trade Balance Surplus)
Worth of exported items
Increased rate of Indian exports
US$11.3 billion
(Up by 188.4% since 2009)
$10.2 billion
(Up by 245%)
Clothing, accessories (not knit or crochet)
$8.7 billion
(Up by 43.8%)
Knit or crochet clothing, accessories
$7.6 billion
(Up by 48.7%)
$5.2 billion
(Up by 86%)
$5.1 billion
(Up by 274.7%)
$5.1 billion
(Up by 70.3%)
Miscellaneous textiles, worn clothing
$4.1 billion
(Up by 97.9%)
$4 billion
(Up by 237.2%)
Articles of iron or steel
$2.3 billion
(Up by 77.5%)
According to export data in India and the above table, the largest growth rate has been seen in the Indian export of Fish since 2009 i.e. 274.7%. The annual rate of Indian exports has been increased by 2.9% from US $205 Billion Dollars in 2010 to US $276 Billion Dollars in 2015. Around 49% of Indian exports are delivered to Asian region countries, 19.5% are shipped to traders of European region, 18.1% to North American and 8.7% sold/shipped to African region.


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